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Load image into Gallery viewer, BESTSELLER SALES MASTER-CLASS: Learn How To Gain Over 50,000 Free Hyper-Targeted Followers, Sell Products, Make Money, Promote Your Music And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Almost Immediately Without Any Risk - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Load image into Gallery viewer, BESTSELLER SALES MASTER-CLASS: Learn How To Gain Over 50,000 Free Hyper-Targeted Followers, Sell Products, Make Money, Promote Your Music And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Almost Immediately Without Any Risk - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Load image into Gallery viewer, BESTSELLER SALES MASTER-CLASS: Learn How To Gain Over 50,000 Free Hyper-Targeted Followers, Sell Products, Make Money, Promote Your Music And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Almost Immediately Without Any Risk - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Load image into Gallery viewer, BESTSELLER SALES MASTER-CLASS: Learn How To Gain Over 50,000 Free Hyper-Targeted Followers, Sell Products, Make Money, Promote Your Music And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Almost Immediately Without Any Risk - ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

BESTSELLER SALES MASTER-CLASS: Learn How To Gain Over 50,000 Free Hyper-Targeted Followers, Sell Products, Make Money, Promote Your Music And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Almost Immediately Without Any Risk

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This Step By Step Masterclass With Video Screen Recording Will Teach You How To Gain Over 50,000 Free & Targeted Instagram Followers almost Instantly And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Immediately Or FULL REFUND.


Save 87% Right Now and Get $3,209 In Bonuses

New Revolutionary Master-Class That Is Designed To Teach You How To Engage & Sell On Instagram Without Any Stress! Total Revolution & Complete Paradigm Shift.

Make Sales 17 times Faster With Bare Minimum Of Effort With The World’s First Advanced Instagram Master-class with Insider Secrets.

As at January 16th 2020, i was very frustrated about my Instagram growth. All my friends where getting a lot of followers, likes and comments except me. The worst part is that after my child hood friends increased their engagement rate, they stopped replying my DM's and started charging me for a repost. I felt bad and i felt like i was left behind. I tried different types of automation softwares and online services but to no avail. I even went as far as buying several popular and top rated tutorials but none worked. All my posts were still not getting any engagement neither did my followers increase. Until i decided to stop everything i was doing and study Instagram for 13 months. I travelled to Russia, Germany, Amsterdam, Canada, south Korea and san Francisco (facebook headquarters) to speak to social media Guru's and big tech insiders. I was lucky to speak to some big tech insiders who spilled out some secrets to me. They also warned me never to mention their name in public.

 Over a period of 4 months, I did a lot of testing and of course i made a lot of errors too. But with this errors, i knew what to do and what not to do. I found out the right way to market on Instagram without taking any risk. I found out proxies and automation settings that work. I also found out how to automate my interaction with leads as soon as they come online. most importantly, i found out how to make my instagram account interact with other people while behaving like a human being and not a robot. Coupled with the secrets i learnt from san Francisco, I also found out some legal back doors to fast instagram success for all types of businesses. Instead of keeping this priceless secrets to myself and set up an instagram marketing agency where i can easily charge clients about $99 weekly, i decided to help as many people as possible for a one time fee.

If all this video did was to teach you how to make $99 weekly wouldn't it be worth it? If all this video did was to teach you how to get verified on instagram would it be worth it? What if the only thing this tutorial did was to increase your followers and engagement overnight, wouldn't it be worth it?

The DIY methods explained on this video are the same methods all big celebrities and agencies are using right now to grow their account. This method will work for everybody / Business. With the methods shown in Insta celebrity boost masterclass, you can easily grow up to 500+ followers daily without taking any risk. I have a 60-day money back guarantee because your money is not my motivation. I am motivated by love and the will to help the human race. I believe all humans beings should focus on more important things and let robots deal with robots. Life isn't worth living if it isn't lived like a dream. What if, instead of working your boring job, you spent your life traveling? By going to the best hotels, by testing magnificent restaurants, while meeting incredible people? ... With more than 10 MILLION subscribers on social networks, and more than 73,347 customers, I finally reveal all the secrets to you so you can have the life of your dreams. The choice is yours. Either you waste your time and waste your life on a pay-check that is sort of compensation for forgetting your dreams, and you watch other influencers have fun around the world (like me), or you take charge of your life NOW and become an Instagram celebrity.

If you have ever DREAMED of having thousands of followers and wished to get Leads/ Sales from Instagram even you are not a CELEBRITY. YES, this is POSSIBLE with Insta Celebrity Boost.


  • No prior experience with Instagram is required.

  • No technical skills needed

We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking the risk for you. You will get an entire 30 days to give the master-class a try. If you give our master-class a try and you decide it's not for you, we'll happily give you ALL your money back.
There is 100% no­-risk


Bonus: All lectures come with screen recording tests and results.

You are here because you want to start or grow your own Instagram following, right? Great! This is the perfect course if you're brand new to Instagram looking for easy and actionable ways to organically grow your Instagram account. This Instagram course is also great for anyone who has an existing Instagram account, but is looking for ways to speed up growth. We'll walk you through a successful Instagram strategy that you can repeat yourself. With behind the scenes step by step tutorials, action items, and real-world examples, you'll come away from this course with a clear idea and plan for your own Instagram account.

Welcome To The Only Complete Instagram Marketing Course: From Zero to 50,000+ Organic Targeted Followers without Stress.

If you are someone who wants to know the right ways of growing your Instagram page, then this course is for you! But Where is the fun if you can't monetize something that you have grown? So, in the beginning of this course we LEARN to grow our page and then we remove the "L" from that to EARN from the page that we have grown using the strategies that I provide in this course.

This course begins from the scratch of account optimization and ends with monetizing your page and in between we will deal with lots of important things related to your Instagram growth and also deal with common doubts regarding the same.

So what are you waiting for? Let's go to the course :-)

Learn the best time to post on instagram and how to get free instagram followers. Do not buy instagram followers, do not buy instagram likes, instagram accounts for sale or instagram growth services. Gain active instagram followers with real instagram growth. Learn how to get more followers on instagram with the new Instacelebrityboost master-class.

Do you Want to get more followers on instagram? Do you want free instagram followers instantly ? Want to learn how to get more likes on instagram ?  This master-class will teach you the latest risk-free methods for instagram growth. Do you know the best time to post on instagram ? Do you want to know how to gain followers on instagram instead of buying fake instagram followers ? You can organically increase your instagram followers and engagement instead of buying instagram followers. Gain free instagram followers instantly with Insta celebrity boost master-class.

This Step By Step Masterclass Will Teach You How To Gain Over 50,000 Free & Targeted Instagram Followers almost Instantly And How To Organically Increase Your Engagement Immediately Or FULL REFUND.

The Proven Methods in This Master-class by The Best In The Business Will Get You All The Results You're After, Without Any Of The Headaches. 

Welcome to The Complete Instagram Marketing Course: From Zero to 50,000+ Followers. GET IT NOW


Basic Knowledge of Instagram
You should have the Instagram app on your device

    Who this course is for?

    Anyone who is interested to grow an Instagram page

    What Will You Learn Today From Insta Celebrity Boost Master-class ?

    • Learn how to create a successful themed, business, or personal account on Instagram 
    • Easily attract 50,000+ real targeted followers to your Instagram account! 
    • We are up to date with all the new Instagram features and will guide you step by step on how to utilize these functions to grow your account and market your products.
    • Convert your new Instagram followers to long-term loyal paying customers who love your business
    • What sets this apart from other Instagram management & marketing courses is that by the end of this course - you will know all the strategies for you to grow your followers and convert to sales and loyal fans!
    • Create and deploy an effective "dummy account strategy" also called the mother and child Instagram growth method
    • Create an attractive profile and further optimize your profile bio, name, & call to actions.
    • Increase engagement in your posts with effective captions and CTA strategies
    • Learn how to automate Instagram using the free Instagram app on your mobile phone.
    • Create a risk free, high performing and low effort habit schedule for growing your account
    • Setup and monitor follow, like, & comment automation in a risk-free way that brings attention to your account
    • Use advanced tools and other new tools for coordinating multiple accounts and automating content posting at the right time
    • Attract thousands of followers from scratch, without any previous following or experience and create Instagram posts that get more likes, comments and shares
    • Discover related hashtags and how you can rank your posts on any hashtag immediately.
    • Scrape customer email, name, phone number and whatsapp number with insta-celebrity boost master-class

    When You Purchase Insta Celebrity Boost Masterclass, You Will Find Out 77 Things Celebrities Do Differently On Instagram.



    Join 34,549 other big celebrities and business owners who use Insta Celebrity boost Secret methods to sell their brand online.

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You Advanced email marketing Techniques that is guaranteed to hit the instagram users focused email inbox without miss.

    Learn how to scrape hyper-targeted emails from instagram hashtags, followers or location without blocking your instagram account and learn how to contact these leads with advanced inbox email marketing .We will also teach you how to write a perfect pitch and how to personalize your emails without any stress. This class is priceless and will change your online business success over-night

    [$489 Value]

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You The Latest Instagram Business Marketing Techniques that is Guaranteed to grow your Online/Offline Business Very Fast. This method Is Guaranteed to Drive Traffic to your Target Landing Page and Increase Your Call-To-Action to over 400%.

    Instagram users view a minimum of 200 different post everyday thereby reducing their attention span and CTA. So what makes you think that your post will call them to action? The truth is that the conversion rate on instagram is very low but with the method explained in this video, you can do things differently and smarter. This method is not available anywhere else on the internet as it is our custom in-house method. Get it now

    [$649 Value]


    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How to Become an Instagram Influencer even if you do not have thousands of Followers. We will show You How To Influence For People/Yourself And Get Your Customers Their Desired Results Faster Than Other Influencers with Millions of followers.

    Ever heard the saying 'Work smarter not harder ?' .This is 100% True especially in a world controlled by robots.  Like you know, Business is all about problem and solution. Let us show you the smartest and most effective way to provide the same solutions instagram influencers provide without having millions of followers. Anybody can become an influencer if you follow the steps in this master-class.

    [$599 Value]


    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How To Earn over $4000 monthly with your own instagram marketing agency. Just follow the steps on the video and You should be able to get your first customer within 48 hours.

    Everybody wants fast results on instagram but nobody has the time to work out the process involved . The steps in this video will teach you how to solve instagram growth, marketing and sales problems for clients all over the world. We will also show you how to get your customers. This master-class should be able to feed you and your family forever as the information is priceless and on high demand. Start your Instagram marketing agency today.

    [$499 Value]



    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How To Automate Instagram Official App like a real human With Your Mobile Phone And Get Instant Sales and Growth Results. 100% Risk-Free Method

    Good News! You can now automate the official instagram application from your mobile phone. The best pat is that this method works like a real human and almost undetectable unless you abuse it. No paid software needed. Everybody can do this and achieve instant results with the steps shown on this master-class.

    [$349 Value]

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How To Organically Grow And Sell Hyper-Targeted Instagram Accounts With 100% Real followers. 

    The demand for organic instagram accounts that are hyper-targeted is very high. business owners need these accounts worldwide and they are willing to pay as much as $100 for 1000+ real followers which is very easy to grow. Let us teach you our in-house secret methods so you can grow these hyper-targeted instagram accounts and how to sell them. We will show you all the hidden secrets you need to know and we will also show you how to get buyers for these accounts. Get this lecture now and overcome poverty. This information is priceless.

    [$449 Value]


    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How To Get Unlimited Likes , saves and Comments on all your posts so you can rank higher on instagram algorithm and reach more people.

    Getting likes, saves and comments on instagram is very easy but you must follow the secret process outlines in this video. Get this step by step master-class and learn how to get unlimited likes and comments on instagram. We will teach you how to attract the same people who like and comment on your competitors/target posts to like and comment on your post too. It is very easy. All you have to do is follow the method on this video. This is the same secret method all the big influencers in the world use but ours is 100% risk-free.

    [$249 Value]

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You The Latest Advanced Email marketing Techniques for Serious Sales Men/women, Politicians, Business owners, Influencers and Entertainers.

    When we say advanced, We mean "Advanced". This class will show you all we know about instagram marketing and sales. This is a complete sales class to call people to action regardless of what you are selling because Sales is sales. We will teach you advanced keyword analytics, Scraping target audience, Sales writing, customized Email marketing automation via smtp (free and paid), sms marketing , instagram story marketing and WhatsApp marketing automation. Like you know, Knowledge is priceless and should be chosen over silver and gold.

    [$999 Value]

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You The Most Advanced Way To Get The Hidden & Public Phone numbers/Email addresses of Instagram users in your Target Niche/Industry/Country/Location etc

    Like you know, Sales is based off peoples interest. If people are not interested in your product, you might never be able to sell to them. People only make money by solving problems but the question is "how can you solve a problem if you do not know what their problem/interest is ? ' . This class will teach you how to figure our peoples problems/interest and how to find their verified contact details so you can pitch solutions to their problems. 

    [$649 Value]

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How To Get WhatsApp numbers from Instagram Accounts And How to Message Them Via Automation so you can save time and Maximize profits.

    In most countries, people prefer to use wifi and WhatsApp rather than make phone calls. So i can confidently say that the CTA(Call to action) of WhatsApp messaging is very high and people tend to read all the WhatsApp messages they get (spam or not). Do you know that you can extract the WhatsApp number of every instagram user in your niche without breaking any law or taking any risk with your account? Let us teach you the latest method that can make you rich over night by giving you access to unlimited clients worldwide. We will also teach you how to get unlimited WhatsApp phone numbers and how to use all your numbers simultaneously to market your products. This is another first from bestseller market.

    [$549 Value] 

    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You How To Convert your followers from likers and commenters to paying Customers. We will also Teach You How to Sell Your Product To Your Competitors Instagram Followers without Asking Them To Follow Your Account.

    Unfortunately people do not know that instagram is a spam tool. what do i mean by spam tool? I mean that the best instagram can do for you is to get your followers divided attention for a few seconds while hoping that they will buy your product before they click away. But the top marketers let you grow your followers while they use our method to sell their products to your followers because they can analyze the problems of your followers with your posts and will use that information to pitch solutions to your followers without you knowing. Get this course now and learn all the latest tricks needed to survive online else you will be slaving for instagram and smart marketers like us.

    [$449 Value]


    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will Teach You Multiple Risk-Free Methods To Attract Hyper-targeted Followers On Instagram For Free and from scratch, without any previous following or experience.

    Learn how to grow multiple instagram accounts from scratch (even if you're terrible at using instagram). The methods explained in this video is the same method that the most expensive agencies use to build celebrity accounts but the best part is that the methods explained in this video will teach you how to attract hyper-targeted followers instead of random followers. Like the saying goes, Quality over quantity and this is the reason why some people have millions of followers but cannot make any sale. This is because the followers they have were not targeted to any niche. If you do things 99% correct and 1% wrong, you are likely to get a 100% wrong result. Get this lecture now so as to get 100% desired results or money back guarantee.

    [$589 Value] 



    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ Will Teach You All The Best Ways To Make Money On Instagram Either As A Marketing Agency, A Celebrity Or Business Owner.

    Learn how to grow accounts for celebrities and business owners. This video will teach you how to target an audience, interact with them and convince them that you have the solution to their problems. Learn how to create and manage high-converting instagram accounts in just a few minutes (even if you hate technology). With this tutorial, you can learn how to create instagram accounts in mass, grow them and sell them immediately.

    [$479 Value]

    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You How to Create Your Verified Engagement Group So You Can Get Verified Comments And Charge People To Join Your Group

    Verified likes and comments are very expensive and valuable. Let us teach your our secret methods on how to create multiple engagement groups for verified celebrities . It is easy but you must follow our method.

    [$249 Value]


    InstaCelebrityBoost™️ will teach you Hashtag Keyword Analytics And How To Rank Your Post On Any Instagram Hashtag So You Can Get More Engagement And Sales.

    It is very easy to rank on Any Instagram hashtag in-fact it is far easier than you thought. Let us show you what is currently working and will always work. All lectures come with tests and results. Everybody can rank their post on instagram hashtags (even if you hate technology)

    [$299 Value]

    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You Our Updated In-house Secret & Risk-free 'ADVANCED S-BOOST' Method To Automate Your Instagram 'Follow-Unfollow-Like-Like comments' From Your Instagram Official App.

    Learn the safest way to automate your instagram account(s) without buying any subscription or paid software. Follow-Unfollow-Like-Like comments-watch stories-interact like a human' From Your Instagram Official App and see immediate results. Remember if you do things 99% correct and 1 % wrong, you may get a 100% wrong result. Get this video now and do things 100% correct.

    [$299 Value]

    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You 3 Of Our In-house Secret Method. THE DUMMY, THE MOTHER & CHILD AND THE SLAVE METHOD So You Can Grow Very Big On Instagram Without Risking Your Main Account

    This lecture sets Insta celebrity boost apart from every thing you have seen in the past. These are the ONLY methods you can apply to become a celebrity. This methods connects all the dots in a very big way. When you get these methods right, you become big on instagram almost immediately.

    [$295 Value]


    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You How To Verify Your Instagram Account Free Of Charge And Instagram Secret Requirements And How To Easily Provide Them.

    Everybody can get verified,Every business can also get verified. You just need to meet the requirements. Instagram celebrity boost masterclass will show you all the requirements that will get you verified and how to provide them. This lecture is powerful and valuable.

    [$349 Value]


    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You How to Use Secret Advanced Tools for Coordinating Multiple Accounts and Automating Content Posting at the Right Time So You Can Become Insta Famous

    Even if you use the most powerful software in the market, instagram can still block your account if you do not have the right settings or if you do not behave like a human. Insta Celebrity Boost Will Show You the secret softwares agencies are now using to get desired results for clients.

    [$243 Value]


    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You How To Find and Download Viral Youtube Videos In Your Niche From Your Mobile Phone And How To Cut, Edit and Post Those Videos On Instagram With @YourAccountName Embedded On The Video.

    With This Method, You will Never Lack Viral Content To Post On Instagram. The best part is that you can do it on your mobile phone without using a computer.

    [$229 Value]

    Insta-celebrity Boost Will Teach You How To Use Instagram Reels, Story And Live To Organically Promote Your Brand, Grow Your Followers And Generate Sales.

    Let us teach you how you can use your instagram reels, story and Live to organically generate sales and followers. We will show you how to rank your posts and how to organically get the first engagement boost you need to go viral.

    [$240 Value]

    Bonus offer is valid for today only 



    Get all the Insta-celebrity Boost Lectures for a Discounted rate of almost 90% OFF.

    You can now get all the lectures from Insta Celebrity Boost master-class for a one time fee of almost 90% Off

    [OVER $6500 Value]





            TODAYS DISCOUNT PRICE =  87% OFF



    Don't take our word for it, hear from Insta-Celebrity Boost clients.

    Read what others are saying 👇


    Here's How To Get Instant Access Right Now

    To get instant access to Insta Celebrity Boost, After your purchase is complete, you'll be given instant access to our Private Members Area where the entire course and all the bonuses will be instantly available. I'll see you inside!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Am I locked into a subscription?


    Do you offer money back guarantee ?

    Yes. We offer 60 days money back guarantee

    Are you teaching the same stuff i will find on youtube ?

    No. All our methods are custom and not available anywhere else

    Do i need other paid tools ?

    No. You just need your mobile phone and data

    Aren’t this methods old?

    No. They are brand new and will work for a very long time.

    This sounds too difficult?

    Don’t worry, it’s not difficult at all. We will show you everything that you need to know. In less than a few hours, you’ll become an instagram celebrity.

    How and when will i get access to insta-celebrity boost masterclass ?

    Immediately after payment

    Do you offer free support ?

    Need support ? Please email us


    You a few minutes away from being insta famous.

    Complete your checkout now to get Insta celebrity boost masterclass.

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