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Tube HIJACK Ad Campaign (Music Video Promotion)

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If your music video contains explicit lyrics, gore, shocking content, or sexualised visuals, please use our YouTube playlisting services instead.

The music industry is too competitive these days. Whether you're a rising artist or an established act, you need to market your music to increase awareness and stay ahead.

Bestseller Marketing' YouTube campaigns puts your music in front of the right people, generating the momentum you need to grow your fanbase.


With 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube remains a crucial platform to promote your music. That's not something to be slept on in today's streaming world.

Here's the issue.

You're already busy enough as it is. Juggling between your day job, booking gigs, managing your social media (we feel you).

And when you tried one of those "YouTube promotion companies" online, all they do is send bots to your video. Some of you might even had your video taken down because of that.

It honestly sucks.

So, here's what we'll do.

Tell us three big name artists that your music sound closest to, and we will help you target their fans.

When these fans search for their music videos, we use a mixture of pre-roll advertising (to make sure they see yours first), and Discovery ads (to make sure they see your video in their recommended sidebar).

It's clinical and effective. 

Having worked on hundreds of campaigns over the past 3 years, we have identified potent affinity audiences and valuable custom segments to target your music, regardless of your genre.

From mainstream genres like pop, rap, and rock, to niches like vaporwave, death metal, jazz instrumentals, piano covers, and synthwave -  as long as the top artists you targeting have YouTube channels, we can put your video in front of their fans.

We also scrape massive data sets from Google Ads and YouTube analytics, crunch the numbers, and re-upload fresh, adjusted bids daily. This keeps your campaign healthy and optimised at all times.

Audience engagement is the most important metric in YouTube marketing, and we revolve our strategy around that. There is little merit in having millions of views if they don't bring in likes, subs, or playlist additions.

If we were to describe our results with one word, it would be "obscene". Why?

Our laser-focused targeting produces engagement rates that easily double the industry average.

Our hyper-focused approach maximises conversions and helps us push your music at a much lower rate than our competitors (well, those not using bots, at least).

Here's what you can expect:

  • CONSISTENT, DAILY VIEWS - Receive relevanttargeted listeners that engages with your music daily.
  • NATURAL PROMOTION - Don't bother with bots. Our views are verified by Google.
  • HACK THE ALGORITHM - We focus on getting you audiences that actually likes your genre of music. With our best-in-class engagement rates, we help you achieve greater visibility and higher rankings.
  • COMPREHENSIVE BREAKDOWN - How many views have you gotten? Which artists' fans love you the most? Which demographic did you perform the best with? Our end-of-campaign reports give you the complete lowdown on your promotion.
  • VERIFIABLE RESULTS - Easily track our progress through your channels' YouTube analytics and verify the authenticity of our work. We keep our promises, and we want you to know it.


How are you getting the views to my music video?

We use Google AdWords, specifically YouTube ads, to run campaigns that drives views and engagement to your video.

For smaller campaigns, we use Discovery-format ads where we place your video in the recommended sidebar of your target audience. For larger campaigns, we also incorporate TrueView In-stream ads, where we place your video in front of content your target audience are searching for.

Discovery ads encourage engagement, while In-stream ads increase video retention rate.

Where will the views be from? Do you target a specific location?

We target your videos to a sanitised list of 65 countries. However, Google controls where your video is shown based on their A.I., and we do not interfere with it. 

Please contact us for a bespoke solution if you'd like to target a certain area or country. The price would be 3x-10x more than our pre-packaged services due to increased ad costs.

How are you able to guarantee a minimum number of views?

Two reasons:

  1. We have worked on enough campaigns to know how much ad spend is required to hit the desired results. If we don't hit your results on the first try, we'll leave the campaign running until the objective is met.

  2. Google tells us right from the get-go how much we require to hit a certain number of views. That cost is already factored into the campaign price.

Think of it this way - instead of a traditional agency model where you pay a setup fee and percentage of ad spend till the target is met, we shorten the billing process by charging an all-in-one management fee, where you know exactly what you're getting beforehand.

What do you mean by choosing 3 artists to target?

There's a reason why we love Google so much - they provide unparalleled flexibility when it comes to advertising on YouTube, allowing us to hyper-target the right audience for your music.

One of the things we like to do (with great success rates) is to place your video on the channels of the top artists in your genre. Say you're a pop artist and your music closely resembles that of Ariana Grande - we will position your video to appear on the recommended sidebar of pop music fans (first layer of targeting, otherwise known as affinity audiences) who are watching Ariana Grande's music videos (second layer of targeting, known as placements/behaviors). If you're a rapper who has similar vibes to Drake for example, we can also put your video in front of his latest single, so fans of his will see your video first.

While we are the experts at marketing, you're the expert of your own music. You know your sound the best, so we need you to tell us three artists you sound closest to so we can target their fans. As long as the artists you mentioned to us have YouTube channels and videos, we are set.

Will this bring in engagement as such likes and subs?

After you place an order with us, our YouTube team will follow-up with further instructions to link your YouTube channel to our AdWords account. This gives us access to remarketing audiences that will bring in additional views, likes, subs, and even playlist adds.

We cannot guarantee exact figures, but as long you link your channel to our ad account, you can expect interactions.

Will there be dislikes?

To be upfront, yes, you will see a surge of dislikes. The reason behind it is simple. When we use Discovery-format ads, our target audience will see your video in their recommended sidebar. In other words, to see your video, they have to make an effort to click on it.

When they click on it and find that the video isn't to their liking, it's easy to click on the dislike button since it is on the same page.

With that being said, you will receive likes as well. Some people might disapprove of your music, but that doesn't mean others will.

We find that the amount of dislikes is inversely proportionate to the quality of your videos, and more importantly, the music. We have ran hundreds of campaigns and this observation always rings true. The higher quality videos will always get lesser dislikes, while songs that are poorly mixed or out-of-tune get flooded with dislikes.

This is what legitimate promotion looks like when you put your works in front of actual, human beings. Other shady companies (who use bots) will paint you a rosy picture of how well your music video will do, but we are focused on aligning your expectations to avoid getting burned.

Who are some of the artists you have done this for?

Our team regularly liaise with major labels and independent artists to solve their YouTube marketing needs. We have also helped numerous marketing agencies who outsource their marketing projects to us. To discover more case studies, feel free to visit our Success Stories page.

Do the views come from bots? How can we verify your authenticity?

No, we will never use bots. All the views we secured for you are labelled as "YouTube Advertising".

We welcome you to track your stats through your Channel Analytics, which can be accessed via the following steps:

  1. Click on your profile picture on the YouTube homepage, and select "YouTube Studio".

  2. Click on "Videos" on the left sidebar, and select your video in question.

  3. On the video analytics page, click on "Advanced Mode" near the top-right corner.

  4. Click on "Traffic Source" in the header.

  5. If necessary, adjust the time period on the top-right corner to reflect stats for certain days.


YouTube has a zero-tolerance policy for fake views and have put in place anti-bot measures to counter against fake views. Don't damage your reputation by purchasing views from shady companies - your views might disappear overnight when YouTube purges them.

Bestseller marketing takes a serious stance on this matter and will strive to make our promotional process as transparent as possible.

What's the average length of a campaign?

Campaigns last anywhere from 7 days to 45 days depending on the package you purchase. We generally follow what Google recommends based on their algorithm - your videos will perform better as a result.

While we can control the timeframe, we always recommend our clients to follow the advice of Google's billion-dollar AI. If you have a specific deadline, do let us know in the order notes and we will do our best to accommodate.

How soon will my campaign start after I purchase?

We will process your campaigns within 48 hours.

Our YouTube team will contact you with further instructions on linking your channel with our AdWords account, while setting up your ad campaign concurrently.

We seek your cooperation in completing the linking process as soon as possible.

It will take up to 3 business days for Google to approve your video. Once it has passed the review, our YouTube team will notify you through email.

For most of our campaigns, you should be seeing results one week after your order.

Does Google accept all videos? Are there any content restrictions?

Yes, there are strict restrictions when it comes to advertising on YouTube.

Firstly, your music must not contain any explicit lyrics. A radio edit/clean version is fine.

Secondly, your video should not contain any sexualised scenes. No unnecessary showing of flesh, twerking/gyrating and overt making out.

Thirdly, your video cannot contain any violence, gore, and imagery of drugs.

Learn more about Google's ad policies here.

And if you're wondering why you see movie trailers containing the above violations being advertised on YouTube all the time, it's because the movie studios spend tens of millions of dollars per year advertising on Google's web properties. They have massive financial leverage, while our most expensive package is considered pocket change to them.

What if my video contains explicit content? How can I still promote it?

For artists with content likely to be rejected by Google, we highly recommend our YouTube playlisting services.

Given that Google has disapproved your video, there is no other way for anyone to promote it through regular YouTube ad campaigns. Our best-in-class YouTube playlisting campaigns provide an affordable alternative to start bringing eyeballs to your music video, and we highly recommend taking advantage of this exclusive service.

Will there be a return of investment (ROI)?

Yes. In fact, helping artists earn more royalties to invest back into their music is one of the main goals of Bestseller Marketing. All the views you get are eligible for royalties if your music is Content ID-registered through your distributor.

Why are your services so expensive?

If you think our services are expensive, wait till you hire amateurs 😉

Tube HIJACK Ad Campaign (Music Video Promotion)

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