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50+ Thai Water Spinach Seeds Ong Choy Kangkong Kong Xin Cai Garden Vegetable USA

50+ Thai Water Spinach Seeds Ong Choy Kangkong Kong Xin Cai Garden Vegetable USA

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50+ Thai Water Spinach seeds Ong Choy Kangkong Kong Xin Cai Garden Vegetable USA

Scientific Name: Ipomoea aquatica

Water Spinach is called kōng xīn cài in Chinese, which literally means 'empty hearted' spinach. The name probably comes from its round, hollow stems. It has slender, long, pointed leaves. The vegetable is quite popular in southern Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisines, where it is known as 'kang kung'. Water spinach is an herbaceous aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial plant of the tropics and subtropics. Water spinach grows wild in aquatic environments, but can also be grown in well irrigated fields. Almost all parts of the young plant tissue are edible, but the tender shoot tips and younger leaves are preferred. In Asia, water spinach is stir-fried, most often with fermented white bean curd, shrimp paste, or garlic.

Sow and Grow

Soak the seeds with warm water for 24 hours or regular water for 48 hours before planting. Dig holes 4 inches deep and 5 to 12 inches apart for each seeds, planting them in rows if desired. Keep the soil well-watered at all times to help the seeds germinate. Water Spinach can grow well in temperature 68-86 degrees F.(20-30 degrees C.). The plant needs little attention, add a feed of nitrogen-rich fertilizer spray every two weeks.Water everyday 1-2 times per day.


Best harvested before flowering or 11-12 inch tall. Often harvested 30-60 days after sowing, depending on climate and culture – earlier if fully aquatic and later if semi-aquatic. This ensures the nicest and tastiest leaves, great for stir fry ,hot pot or soup.Water Spinach can be harvested completely or in a cut-and-come-back-again manner – secondary shoots will form and grow.
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