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ANY CAR Roblox Jailbreak 💎CLEAN - LOW TT - FAST DELIVERY⚡ Rim/Texture/Sp

ANY CAR Roblox Jailbreak 💎CLEAN - LOW TT - FAST DELIVERY⚡ Rim/Texture/Sp

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ALL CARS Roblox Jailbreak
These are VIRTUAL ITEMS for the Roblox game, 'Jailbreak'.

  • AFTER PURCHASE: We'll send very simple instructions to receive your purchased items as soon as we're available. (Usually 0 - 15 minutes. If we're busy, 15 minutes - 5 hours. Very rarely 5-12 hours)
  • WHEN CUSTOMER & SELLER ARE BOTH ONLINE: You will be prompted to join the Jailbreak Trading Hub, then we'll join you.
  • RECEIVING ITEM(S): Jailbreak has a trade safety feature, requiring you to equalize the trade with your own items in-game. BUT, We can give your Items back + Purchased item(s). So, you'll be able to keep all your items & receive your purchase! We'll walk you through that in-game (20 second process).
  • Item(s) will be digitally shipped. Nothing physical will be shipped.
  • We offer NO returns for any reason.
  • If you are under 18, make sure to have approval of a parent/guardian prior to purchase.

Trade Amount & Additional Item info: We offer LOW TRADED items at no extra cost! We do NOT duplicate items. But, do be warned whereabouts of these items before it goes to us is unknown & out of our control. Please understand this before purchasing.
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