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KOJIC ACID Skin Whitening Lightening Brightening Serum Bleaching/Spot Fade Cream

KOJIC ACID Skin Whitening Lightening Brightening Serum Bleaching/Spot Fade Cream

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Skin Whitening - Lightening - Brightening Serum
Dark Spots Solution

Our powerful skin whitening serum contains the 4 Best Whitening Agents known: Kojic Acid --- MAP Vitamin C --- Alpha Arbutin --- Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide). All contained in a wrinkle-plumping Hyaluronic Acid base.

  • Promotes skin lightening and helps establish an even skin tone.
  • Minimizes Liver Spots.
  • Lighten Acne Spots, Age Spots, Freckles and Sunspots.
  • Widely used to treat hyper-pigmentation and other skin pigmentation issues.
  • Great for Intimate & Sensitive Areas.
  • With continued use: Up to 3 Shades Lighter-Brighter Skin & More Even Skin Tone.
  • Lightening effect created by inhibiting Melanin formation.
Are you looking for a gentle (Hydroquinone Free), safe and natural method to fade away dark spots and uneven skin tone on your face and/or body?
PHAB NATURALS has developed a premium skin lightening serum, consisting of an ideal blend of all the best whitening agents, that works deeply inside of the skin without any harsh or dangerous chemicals.
Good for ALL Skin Types: Normal Oily Combination Dry Sensitive
DIRECTIONS: On cleansed and dry skin apply a drop or two to fingertips and massage into skin in a circular motion, twice daily, to the area of choice. Let it absorb completely before applying other skin products. For best results, apply an SPF protectant during the day. Caution: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes, and mouth. (When applying, some individuals (not all) may feel a very slight stinging sensation on their skin. This is normal and only indicates that the serum is working.)


Stephanie Nov 5, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

This kojic face serum is the Bomb!!! holly grill!!! in 2 wks of using it, my face transform like never before in all my yrs of using drug store brands. i have dry normal dull skin. my face is now bright and clear and glowing. unbelievable!!! so satisfying good that im a return customer on my 2nd bottle. recommend. get it!!!

Jennifer Oct 18, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

Just keep using it till the brown spots disappear. It does work. It’s just some spots take longer. Some of mine have faded already. Good product, because it does not dry out your skin. And I have super sensitive skin with no problems. Highly recommend. Just be patient. :)

Kelsey Sep 9, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

Shipping was timely & after 2.5 weeks of use. I see a difference in my scar.. it has flattened and lightened.. can’t wait to see 30 days.

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