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Silkia Camellia Oil for Anti-Aging and Acne Scars! NEW!

Silkia Camellia Oil for Anti-Aging and Acne Scars! NEW!

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2oz (60ml) 100% pure, certified organic, cold pressed therapeutic grade Silkia® Camellia Oil (also known as camellia seed oil) by Goldport Beauty.

The following are some of the great many testimonials by users of Silkia® camellia oil:

***** I AM BACK FOR MORE OF YOUR WONDERFUL OIL! I USE IT ON MY FACE, NAILS, HAIR, BODY, ETC., JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE! I have used Camellia oil for quite some time after visiting Japan in the mid 90's. People think I am 10+ years younger than I am! And... I live in one of the hottest, driest environments in the world! That is the power of this oil! It's amazing!
-- Cynthia S, NV

***** Silkia camellia oil: Better than Dremu oil for dry sensitive skin; a fraction of the cost! -- Samantha C

***** I used the Silkia Camellia oil for the first time last night, and was blown away by the results! I have been using camellia oil from another source for about a year, and had more results last night than I had the whole previous year. It completely absorbed into my face (and neck and chest) immediately, whereas the other product always left a oily layer on my skin. This stuff is fabulous, girl! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will continue to use this product forEVER.
-- Sandy C, MI

***** Thank you so much for carrying the amazing Silkia Camellia Oil! How I found you is that I was on a website called which has everything you could ever want to know about plastic surgery and has a special section on skin.Their message board is run by two RN's and they had a question from a reader who asked if there was anything that could help with pitted acne scars. Their reply was that the only thing they had ever heard about was Camellia Oil.

I immediately went to the internet and found your company with several testimonials of how the Silkia version is the best. I was nervous about trying it because I was still struggling with acne and oily skin and thought - "I'm going to put an oil on my face?". But I decided to go for it. Within 6 months, my acne had cleared up and I noticed how smooth certain scarred areas of my skin had started to become. Within 9 months, I was actually getting compliments on my skin for the first time in my life and being asked what I was doing. Some pitted areas had an 80% improvement and some areas like the nose and cheeks around the nose about 60%. It took about 15 - 16 months and I noticed a truly remarkable difference.

I gave away several bottles and now have half a dozen friends who are all using it and amazed at their skin too! I'm actually going out without makeup, something I was always too embarassed to do. This Silkia camellia Oil is also wonderful to use with makeup. My makeup looks smoother and I don't get shiny or oily anymore when I wear it underneath. I really appreciate that you have it so reasonably priced that I can continue to give it as gifts to others so they can have beautiful skin too! -- Lora, CA

***** I have severe acne scaring and two deep scars from a car accident on my face. I have only used the Silkia camellia oil for 3 days now and have seen a major improvement on my face.My scars are dramatically softer and my skintone more healthy looking. I have spent thousands of dollars on products and was skeptic about this one. I am happy I made the choice to buy it. Thank you for making me feel confident again. I will never be without this product. xoxoxoxoxoxo -- Athena, NJ

***** I just wanted to let you know that I received the Silkia camellia oil today and left you a positive feedback. I will buy from you again!! I really didn’t believe there was a difference between camellia oils. I had purchased the camellia Japonica seed oil first. I put a couple of drops of Silkia on the back of my left hand and a couple of drops of Japonica on the back of my right hand. Seeing and feeling has made a believer out of me. Thank you so much!! -- Pamela B, Raleigh, NC

After using these products (Silkia camellia oil, Vitamin C&C Facial Serum, Peptide Skin Prep, AlphaDerma CE) for a month, let me say WOW....I am 41 and my skin was dehyrated. I had crows feet that were really bothering me. I tried your products and today, I’m absolutely glowing. I no longer wear make up at all. I like to show off my new look. It’s healthy and young. My crows feet have almost disappeared and I’m smiling more. I’ve just entered a 40+ modelling contest. Wish me luck!! Thank you!
- Laurie D, Canada

I can't thank you enough for offering this (Silkia camellia oil). This is the only product that seems to "do it" for my hair. It turns my dry, damaged, terrible-looking, strawlike hair into something that almost looks healthy. I wish I'd always known about this product--it would have meant a lifetime of beautiful hair! I've tried other products, from pure coconut oil to palm oil to the fancy Alfaparf oils, but nothing has been better than this. As long as you are selling this, I'm going to stop even looking for other products, and just stick with what works.
-- Kathleen S, PA

***** The camellia oil is really great. I have tried other brands but yours is truly wonderful. -- Sharron M, FL

***** I had a glycolic peel done 2 years ago that burnt under my eye and was red and crepy for ages. It healed slightly but I had to use cover up. This stuff (Silkia camellia oil) has been amazing. The redness has gone and looks the same as the other eye. I can't rave about this stuff enough. I was so depressed and was worried about it. Amazing product. - Finoa V, Australia

*****I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the Silkia Camellia Oil is. I've been using it nightly for about a week. My skin is so soft and looks amazing already. Little fine lines are starting to smooth out also. The small blackheads I have are easier to extract too. I am so impressed by this product. - Margaret J, Reading, MA

***** I've been using your Camellia oil for about a week and a half. I noticed impressive results within the first 24 hours of use and have been steadily pleased with my improved skin with each passing day.

I am 38 years old, and have battled skin issues since I was a teen. My skin's usual reaction to anything I use- and I've used just about everything under the sun- is to peel, pimple or simple turn red. This oil is nothing less than the best thing I've ever used on my combination skin- areas with clogged pores are now clear- dry patches, now smooth- and my skin is glowing with an even balanced radiance. My husband was impressed enough to not only comment that my complexion looked great- but to start using the oil, too.

Thanks so much for proving some hype is to be believed- I am only sorry that I didn't take before pictures for you!! - Sincerely, Lauren P, New Jersey

***** Hi! I'm submitting another testimonial, because I have found more amazing things about Silkia camellia oil. I now use it as part of my "oil cleansing method". I massage the Silkia into my face, drape a hot, damp towel over my face for a minute, then massage the oil into my skin for several minutes, and then gently wipe off the remaining oil with the towel. I've tried this with other oils, but Silkia has them all beat. It makes my skin absolutely glow. My face is smooth, clean, clear, and baby soft. I also have noticed that the more I use it around my eye and mouth area, the smoother and softer the skin becomes. My skin is more elastic, and more plumped up. It won't be long before I'm thirty, and I'll probably look ten years younger because of the camellia oil! - Joanna P, Gaithersburg, MD

***** Silkia Camellia Oil is the only thing that saves my skin during winter. I get eczema, and the skin between my fingers turns white, flaky, scaly, and cracked. Any lotion or cream I apply makes my skin burn or itch, even organic ones. But your camellia oil completely heals and restores my skin! I've never seen anything like it. I also have Raynaud's Disease, where the blood flow to my fingers gets cut off in very cold weather, and the camellia oil seems to help the circulation in my hands. It's amazing. - Joanna P, Gaithersburg, MD

***** I love it! My face was dull, now it glows. Light, not heavy. -- Allen G, Kernersville, NC

***** This product is amazing! Thanks for introducing it to me! -- Sara S, Clinton, WA

***** I'm in love, love, love with your camellia oil. I'm 48 years old and have extremely sensitive, acne-scarred, sun damaged skin, plus rosacea to boot. I've experimented with a bazillion products, but my poor old complexion just couldn't get excited about any of them.

Until I tried the camellia oil. My skin is positively glowing lately; it's almost like it's healing before my very eyes. I've never experienced anything like it, and from now on I will never be without my camellia oil. I truly feel that I've found something I've been searching for for years. Thank you! -- Jennifer D, Santa Rosa, CA

***** I recently purchased a bottle of Camellia Oil from you, and I have to admit I was more than skeptical about some of the claims. But then I started using it last week, and... WOW! It really blew me away! I watched as it visibly unclogged the pores on my face -- and nearly every trace of acne blemishing had vanished in just two days. And before this, my hair was so damaged that not even the best anti-frizz products could manage it. But now my comb just glides through -- with absolutely NONE of the greasy residue commercial products leave behind. And as an all over body moisturizer... geez, talk about silken skin! I've just never seen an OIL absorb so completely!! -- Marguerite B, PA


What’s Silkia® camellia oil?

Just as not all that glitters is gold, not all camellia oils are the same. Camellia oil is classified into different grades based on its quality and intended use. Silkia® camellia oil is uniquely tailored for cosmetic use for your face and around your eyes. It's produced by advanced technology perfected by two decades of research and development. This technology removed the unpleasant smell and greasy residues of crude/unfiltered camellia oil while keeping its revitalizing power intact. It’s neither too light, as in the ultra refined camellia oil, nor too greasy, as in the crude/unfiltered kind which is more suited as an ingredient/base oil for other body care products.

Silkia® camellia oil has remarkable moisturizing and anti-aging properties. It's proven to be very effective in eliminating or significantly reducing fine lines, post-acne red marks and pitted acne scars, and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. It dramatically revives skin resilience, giving your skin a supple and radiant glow unmatched by many other products. Gentle and non-irritating, it's suitable for all skin types, especially dry/sensitive skin.Many users of this oil have successfully eliminated or reduced their pitted acne scars after consistent use over a period of 9 to 18 months.

Silkia® camellia oil works wonders on your skin in the following ways:

  • Moisturize - it penetrates quickly and deeply, giving your skin optimum hydration without a greasy feel. Your skin will feel remarkably refreshed, smooth and firm.
  • Replenish - it increases skin resilience, giving your skin a supple and radiant glow you can see and feel. It endows your skin with a luminous silkiness that no other product can match today.
  • Restore - it eliminates or visibly diminishes fine lines and pitted acne scarring, and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Protect - it contains Vitamins A, B, C, E and Polyphenol, natural antioxidants that safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of UV/environmental exposure and free radicals.
  • It offers similar benefits for hair. It adds shine, softness and smoothness to your hair.
  • It prevents stretch marks such as those acquired during pregnancy. It helps diminish or completely eliminate stretch marks.

Why is camellia oil so effective?

Composed mainly of Oleic acid (almost 82%, the highest among all natural oils), camellia oil is the most penetrative of all natural oils, capable of permeating deeply into the lower layers of the skin to greatly enhance the beneficial effects of our natural collagen and elastin. Oleic acid is known as an excellent transdermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds into the skin to repair the damage caused by dryness, sun exposure and other factors. The result is restoration of the skin's elasticity, significant improvement in skin texture as well as elimination or remarkable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Camellia oil provides our skin with the necessary essential fatty substances which are critical in the retention and enhancement of skin moisture. A lack of these fatty substances will impair the skin's ability to retain moisture. These substances in human skin decline as we age and this is a key factor in drier skin as we mature.

The composition of camellia oil is very similar to that of the fatty acids of human skin. As a result, it can be easily and effectively absorbed into the skin to work in synergy with the skin's own natural system to replenish skin lipids and accelerate skin rejuvenation. In a nutshell, camellia oil restores and revitalizes our skin from the ground up, inside out.

Camellia oil is the beauty secret of East Asian women. It has been used by women in Japan and other East Asian countries for skin and hair care for centuries.

Ingredients: 100% pure, certified organic, cold pressed camellia seed oil

Directions for use:
For face:
After cleansing, apply 2-3 drops of Silkia® camellia oil to face and throat every morning and night. Can be used around the eyes to diminish puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Massage gently and thoroughly until completely absorbed. It can also be applied on lips to keep your lips look full and hydrated. Use alone or follow with a sunscreen as desired.

For hair:
After shampooing and towel dry (when the hair is still damp), apply 3-4 drops to hair and scalp. Massage well. No need to rinse it off.

For stretch marks:
Apply to affected area two or three times a day. Massage in circular motion until completely absorbed.

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