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Tracki 4G GPS Tracker Mini Real Time Hidden Dog Car Vehicle Kids Tracking Device

Tracki 4G GPS Tracker Mini Real Time Hidden Dog Car Vehicle Kids Tracking Device

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  • Tracki is a Powerful Feature-full GPS Tracker, Smallest & Lightest. #1 best selling GPS tracker on Amazon. The only tracker that has 4G, 3G & 2G combined, ensuring it works everywhere with any network old or new. Monthly fee of $19.95 is required or as low as $9.95 (see more details below) 2022 Model real time best GPS Tracker money can buy. Used by Vodafone, UPS and all major logistics companies - Unlimited distance real time tracking. Monthly fee is required. Full USA & all countries worldwide coverage. International SIM card embedded built in is included. Warning ! beware of other cheap worthless trackers or Bluetooth only trackers (Bluetooth only works for 30 feet) you can find on eBay.
  • We are USA based company focused in GPS tracking innovation. Tracki & its software platform is developed & made by us, unlike our competition who are just white label resellers. Our customers are topinternational companies such as Vodafone, world's most dominant cellular company.
  • FULL WORLDWIDE COVERAGE + REAL-TIME TRACKING: Works worldwide & full USA, Canada coverage, International built in SIM card included. The best way to track cars, Vehicles, trucks, kids, motorcycles, ATV, boats, drones, children, teens, spouses, pets, wallet, luggage, elderly, seniors, Alzheimer, Autistic, equipment, tools, employees, business assets, fleets and valuable belongings. Place in a car, backpack, pocket, luggage, package, shipment, or hide it under a car and track movements in real-time using our easy-to-use app. Location can be accessed on amazing rated 4.5 stars Android, Web or iPhone app.
  • POWERFUL, COMPACT, SIMPLE: Smallest & lightest GPS tracker, only 1.26 ounce, has magnetic, Velcro & clip attachments. The device works for unlimited distance has long extended life rechargeable battery, covert & compact design this device can perform reliably & discreetly for long periods, minimizing tampering & chances of detection. Real time once a minute battery will last up to 3 days. If you don’t need real time tracking battery can last 30 days, by setting the tracking to 6-8 times per day.
  • ALERTS, MONITORING, & SMART NOTIFICATIONS: Revolutionary hybrid GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi technology, get real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence or zone that you designate. Customize your settings to receive SOS, speed alerts, and start/stop notifications about the tracker’s movements through text SMS or email. Create data and history reports that capture valuable info about the tracker such as route, speed, and time stamps.
  • ECONOMICAL AFFORDABILITY: Monthly internet Data Connection Cost of $9.95 or $13.95 or $16.60 or $19.95 depending on the package you choose for unlimited usage worldwide with no contract, activation, or cancellation fees. Turn on service at your convenience with no hidden charges, use it when you need it! With the Tracki GPS tracker, you get the best value and service guaranteed.
  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: No matter what time or country you are in, we cater to your needs with our live-chat support. Call us at +1 323 785 2020 and our technical representatives will help you troubleshoot or if you just need a hand setting up your tracker. At Tracki we work to keep you in touch with what matters most.
  • Please beware: All these cheap trackers you can find here on eBay like GF07 or GPRS which are not real GPS (only 1 mile accuracy GPRS using cell tower triangulation) and are inferior quality 2G trackers which also they do not work at all in US, Canada and most of the 1st world countries since 2G network was sunset and shut down. Even if you buy them to be used in a 3rd world county most of them are not real GPS (only GSM cell tower triangulation estimated location), their performance is inferior at best and they require for you to buy a local SIM card that you will waste hours to try to get it activated if you ever succeed and you most likely end up not be able to be using those junk trackers. They also have no real app using SMS only or a junk useless app.
  • Tracki is a world leader GPS tracker, heavy duty, accurate GPS tracker using Patented technology that is used by: UPS, US military, Nissan, Rolls-Royce, Police and more. Tracki has a super usable Android, iOS and web app with amazing features.

  • Don’t be fooled by Bluetooth only trackers that don’t use real GPS, they works for 50 feet only and only good to find your keys at home.

Always know what is going on at any time, anywhere with Tracki. The Smallest GPS tracking device available that gives unique flexibility the Tracki GPS tracker is a Worldwide device that allows you to track in any country. with the embedded built-in SIM card, track your precious things in real-time, alerting and sending notifications through text and email. Tracki's location is accessible on any computer or mobile device, with GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi tracking, accurately locate anything within 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

Know Where Your Loved Ones Are!

The Tracki is there for you and your family when you need it most. Slip it in a backpack to ensure that your child makes it to and from school safely, or place it in your teen driver's vehicle to monitor safe driving. With its exclusive SOS panic button, the tracker can also act as a beacon, alerting your loved ones if you’re in trouble by transmitting your location real time - an ideal solution for hikers and anyone else who finds themselves alone and in danger.

Mini GPS Tracker:
Our portable GPS tracker works in any country and
includes the embedded built in SIM Card. It comes with a small, powerful long lasting battery which if real time tracking not needed can last up to 30 days in battery save mode whereby the device goes to hibernation/sleep mode tracking 2-6 times a day. Battery is rechargeable in 3-6 hours. Accurately locate anything within 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

Quick Installation:
This GPS tracker comes with a strong magnet, the tracking device can be mounted quickly, and it stays stable. You can attach it easily under the car or any iron surface. If you need a Magnetic waterproof box that includes a larger battery with 6 times the capacity get it here

History Route Playback:
Easy to use tracking application provides history reports mapping all past locations with dates and times. Automatic updates every 60 seconds gives you a real-time view of what is happening for any situation.

Fully Customizable Tracking App rated 4.5 on Google Play store:
Unlimited worldwide tracking, login, and track anytime, anywhere! You can download Tracki’s app and use the real-time location feature for convenient tracking.

  • Fully customizable tracking app
  • Easy to use tracking application
  • Get alerts and notification via text & email
  • Track multiple devices at once
  • Adjust settings according to your need

Why Tracki is better than other trackers
Please take the time to compare 28 reasons

1.Monthly subscription as low as $9.95/mo - other charge $25-$45/mo

2.Worldwide coverage - most other USA and/or Canada only

3.15 seconds update rate, app manual ping*** other trackers don’t

4.1 month battery life in battery save sleep mode* other trackers don’t

5.6 month life in save mode with optional extra batt** - other trackers don’t

6.Optional larger 3,500mAh magnetic batt** - all other trackers don’t

7.Wi-Fi indoor tracking by reading routers ID - other trackers don’t

8.FCC certified - other trackers don’t

9.The Smallest Size - 1.75x1.5x0.6 in other trackers 3 times+ bigger

10.The Lightest Weight by far - 1.26 ounce other trackers 3.5-16 ounces

11.Comes with Clip to attach to belt, bag - other trackers don’t

12.Comes with Magnet - most other trackers have no magnet

13.Comes with lanyard - other trackers don't

14.Comes with key-chain attachment - all other trackers don't

15.Has SOS panic button - half of the other trackers has no SOS

16.2 more extra alerts buttons for different alerts - all other trackers don’t

17.Trace device by sending a beep to tracker - all other trackers don’t

18.Has replaceable/changeable battery - all other trackers don’t

19.5 years history - most other only 30-90 days history

20.Tracki device price is the lowest in this category - other cost more

21.Lifetime warranty - most other trackers 1 year only

22.5 min Easy setup - most other trackers lengthy & confusing

23.3 minutes to go live on setup - other trackers take 2-24 hours

24.4.6 stars on Google Play App reviews - other trackers 3.1-3.8

25.4.6 stars on iPhone App reviews - other trackers 2.9-3.7

26.By far the best App in the industry with double the features

27.Tracki works with Alexa & Google voice all other trackers don’t

28.Amazon #1 best selling GPS tracker

* The battery save/sleep mode whereby the device goes to sleep & wakes up every 3 hours, tracking location 8 times per day.
** Optional Extended battery with magnetic waterproof box will last 2 weeks at 1 min u
pdate. Up to 6 months in battery save mode.*** Tracki automatic location update rate is as frequent as 1 minute If you need real time with 15 seconds update while watching the app to get the instant location you can manually ping the device every 15 sec

For support, questions or full chat or telephonic live customer service Google: “Tracki”
Monthly fee of
$19.95 USD for the included built in SIM, internet data connection including the use of our sophisticated platform and all the enhanced services comes with our app. Also available prepaid long term packages for: $9.95, $13.95, $16.60 per month depending on the durational the commitment for unlimited usage US, CA and worldwide with no roaming charges, no contract, no activation or cancellation fees.

What else Tracki can do that other trackers can't *compared using info from competing products on this site on 2020

The Smallest tracker of all - 1.74 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches other tracker are bulky & 3 times bigger. The Lightest Weight by far - 1.26oz other 3.5-16 ounces. That size & weight gives unique flexibility. Can be placed under or in a car, bag or carried in the pocket or belt of your child and elderly.

Revolutionary technology works indoors & outdoors. When indoors, you lose GPS signal, Tracki will listen to nearby Wi-Fi routers MAC ID, matching IDs to Google's Wi-Fi database for accurate indoors location tracking.

FULL Worldwide coverage & unlimited distance. USA + 188 countries. International SIM card included. Tracki can travel with you domestically or worldwide. Use Tracki when you travel abroad to safeguard your suitcase or track your family members in a foreign location. Track international shipments.

Rechargeable BATTERY LIFE last average of 2-3 days tracking every 1-5 minutes. If real time tracking not needed, battery last 3 months pinging once a day, 2 mo pinging 2x/day, 1 mo pinging 3x/day. Optional battery, ASIN: B07YVNV82V lasts up to 2 weeks at 1 min update & 14 months pinging once a day.

Why choose Tracki, Compare with our competitors. *compared using info from competing products on this site on 2020

Tracki the Smallest & Lightest. Unlike our competitors who are just resellers. our expertise is GPS tracking. Tracki is developed & made by us. We are USA based company, making GPS trackers for Vodafone, western world’s largest cellular company.

Our competitors are just reselling same exact GL300 as 12 different brands all claiming it’s the the best & smallest, but how can each be the best and smallest if they are all the same ? All claim "smallest" but actually 3+ time bigger than Tracki.

Let your eyes compare Tracki's size and weight with the competition - Tracki the Smallest & Lightest GPS tracker, only 1.26 ounces, Tiny from outside but powerful packed with 200 component inside + patented technology & performs better.

Alexa + Google Assistant. Added. Battery can last 3 months pinging once a day. Optional Extended battery with magnetic waterproof box, will last 2 weeks at 1 min update, up to 14 months pinging once a day.

Many uses and ways to attach - More reasons why Tracki is the better choice

The best way to track cars, Vehicles, trucks, kids, teen drivers, spouses, pets, wallet, luggage, elderly, seniors, Alzheimer, Autistic, equipment, tools, employees, business assets, motorcycles, ATV, boats, drones fleets and valuable belongings.

Tracki GPS tracker comes with belt-clip, magnet, lanyard, key-chain & Velcro attachments gives you the flexibility to be ready to adopt to any tracking situation. Tracki tracking device can be mounted quickly, and it stays stable.

With Tracki’s versatile attachments collection: belt-clip, magnet, lanyard, key-chain & Velcro, you can attach it to person’s belt, pocket, hang on the neck, dog collar, key-chain, purse, handbag, drone or luggage track real-time their whereabouts.

Attach Tracki easily under a car or any iron or steel flat surface with the included magnet or with the more powerful optional magnet waterproof box that come with a 3,500mAh battery, 6 times stronger, for 6x tracking time. Find it by searching ASIN: B07YVNV82V

Why Tracki is Superb, the type of clients we got & our commitment to excellence

Who is behind Tracki

We are USA based company focused in GPS tracking innovation. Tracki & its software platform is developed & made by us, unlike our competition who are just white label resellers. Our customers are topinternational companies such as Vodafone, world's most dominant cellular company.

We are committed to excellence, live phone support 7 days a week & will go the extra mile till all issues are resolved. Read our reviews sorted by 'latest' , see what customers feel about our support. Substitution of any lost, stolen or damaged Device + Lifetime support included

Peace - Safety - Security Tracki works for unlimited range & using state of the art apps, rated 4.6 stars *at iOS & Android store as of 2020. Using Google Maps. Alexa + Google assistant. Lifetime support and Substitution if device is lost, stolen or damaged. We constantly adding more features and enhanced value.

Overall great value for GPS trackers that comes with a SIM card. One of the lowest monthly fees paired with the great product support. You will not get greater value anywhere else. MONTHLY FEE of 19.95USD is required. Other options of 16.60 or 13.95 or 9.95 per month for long term prepaid plans.

Powerful Android and iPhone apps

Pull detailed reports for any time frame you choose. You can generate history, trip, battery, speed and alert reports for any of your trackers. History report will show you the points on the map your device was while it was moving. Get summaries and averages of speed, time and distance traveled.

Get Push Notifications, SMS or Emails when the following events are triggered: 1. Tracker Starts Moving. 2. Speeding. 3. Low Battery. 4. SOS Button pressed. 5. Left key + Right key (I arrived etc.) 6. Vibration alert - Anti theft. 7. Geo-fence (When the tracker leaves or enters a pre-defined area.

Enjoy the peace of mind and know where your things are at any moment. Get panoramic street view of real time or historical location of where the tracker is. Get full address real time or historical. Straight from the app contact our support via voice or chat. Access how-to videos and user manual.

Customize themes: colors, map types, background types, navigation size, languages, device name, upload device personalized picture, device alerts, add as many people to get alerts, can share links to a map showing live movement of the tracker. Hook up to 99 Trackers per account & 10 users same time

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